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guinea pig bite

  1. Lunapxggies


    In my 9 years of owning guinea pigs i have never been fully bit by one before . Today i was trying to clean my new pigs fur (she’s a very long haired one and the vet told me i should do it around her poop area because pee and poo was getting stuck to her fur. I tried to get her from the cage and...
  2. W

    Guinea pig bite

    Today my guinea pig bit me. They usually do but today a little drop of blood came, it was not too bad. Bad can it cause any disease ? Since they are not vaccinated as i read on internet that guinea pigs don't need vaccination and the pet shop owner said the same. What should i do? Ignore or go...
  3. B

    Ill guines pig got bit by his cagemate

    Hi there! Long time lurker but this is my first post! I've learned a lot from this forum but was hoping to get some opinions and/pr advice. I am a first time Guinea Pig owner so I'm still learning new things about them. My 2 year old, Schmill, has recently been diagnosed with a bladder stone...
  4. P

    Scratched Off Scab

    My guinea pig had a wound on her ear from where the other one nipped at her. It scabbed over nicely, but she scratched it off. Now it’s an even bigger, bloody wound and she has blood on her. How do I help her without seeing a vet?
  5. 2Pigs2Many

    Boar Conflict.

    Hey guys! I've been under some great stress over my 2 babies and I need your opinion/help. Please bare with me, this will be long but I wanted to give as much information as I could to get better help. I got the brothers, Smores and Teddy, when they were just babies, now they are a little...
  6. Rinn

    Male Guinea Pig Got Bitten By Another

    Max, the oldest guinea pig and Coffee,his son live in separate topless c&c cages next to each other. I separated them because they started fighting after Coffee grew up. Yesterday, Coffee climbed the grids into Max's cage and they got into a fight and there were three bite wounds on Max. I...