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guinea pig bloated

  1. Lizzieejoyce


    Hi everyone! My 5 guinea pigs seem to be a bit bloated and pear-shaped and I don't know why. I stay clear of high calcium foods regularly because of strong white wee in the past when I first rescued them so I'm really confused what's going on. I've outlined my feeding schedule below, grateful...
  2. K

    Guinea Pig's Stomach looks like it is pulsating or she is breathing very quickly?

    I'm currently in a situation where I can't take my guinea pig to the vet (it is 3am here and the vet opens in 6 hours). But my guinea pig has started not eating her veggies today, and now her stomach is moving extremely quickly, and almost looks like it is pulsating. She is not moving around...
  3. Griselle

    Help! Guinea Pig Bloated?

    So, I have had Shadow for over a year. Oreo and Shadow have never had problems with lettuce nor tomatoes. Today as I was changing their cage, I noticed Shadow looked extremely bloated, but Oreo did not. I have always fed them timothy hay, but today I ran out, and had to wait for my fiance to...