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guinea pig death illness shaking

  1. J

    I’m So Heartbroken My Guinea Pig Just Died Yesterday!

    I looked up so much stuff and I still can’t find any relief to my Henry’s dying . He Was So Happy Yesterday He Was Eating Cabbage & For The First Time Broccoli. I Barely Made Him Go In His Cage So He Walked Around Freely. Henry Literally Used To Follow Me & My Boyfriend Around The House I...
  2. Lozzaruna

    Princess Susan

    Hi I had Guinea pig called princess Susan she was very happy Guinea pig but she was quite old I had her for 6 year since she was a baby but on 17 January I went to get her out off her cage to have cuddle with her but she was on her side I shouted and crying and then my mum came to have a look...
  3. Xilvey

    Is My New Piggy Dying?

    Hi guys, four days ago I adopted two very small very young guinea pigs from pets at home who didn't give me much information about their past. they were both very thin and very frightened and for the first couple days I've left them to get used to their surroundings and their two new sisters...