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guinea pig death

  1. R

    One of my pigs ate the others ear

    This is a bit of a grim topic but I need advice. We recently got a baby guinea pig to keep my 3 year old female company as the 3yo's friend had died. We've had the 2 of them together for about 2 months now and they were getting on perfectly fine. The baby passed away yesterday and she was found...
  2. T

    My guinea pig died and now her sister is all alone, please help seeking advice

    I used to have 4 guinea pigs, over time they each passed away. When it came to only having 2 left, one of them had unfortunately a few days ago passed away, leaving only 1 behind. My guinea pig that is still alive was the last one I had ever gotten, so my 4th, she was a rescue and when I...
  3. MochaLocha

    Guinea pig death and what could have caused it?

    Sadly, yesterday I had a guinea pig pass away and it was very sad. We buried her into the flower bed and we plan to plant some very pretty flowers for her. She wasn't one of the oldest guinea pigs though and her death was very sudden? Her father and mother are still alive but she was the only...
  4. M

    Feeling guilty about my guinea pig's death

    My 3 and a half years old guinea pig, named Koui, just passed away in my arms. For 5 months now she had a problem with her foot, most likely a pododermatitis. But here in Greece, we don't have specialized vets for guinea pigs. Most of them actually no nothing about their health care. I took her...
  5. L

    Coping with the loss of my furry friends

    Hi; my name is lily and today I lost 3 of my 4 guinea pigs. I'm so heart broken- I'd had them for at least 2 years and miss them dearly. Our last baby is ill but okay- the vet says they all had chest infections and the sudden heat in the uk killed them. Does anyone have any advice for advancing...
  6. N

    One Of My Guinea Pigs Just Died And I’m Worried About His Brother, Help!

    Hiya, So I came home from school yesterday and fed the pigs and noticed that Murphy was stumbling down his ramp, I tried to give him food as he’s usually eager to run up to me and snatch it out of my hand and he was slowly walking away, immediately realising something was wrong I picked him up...
  7. Shelby._.

    A New Buddy.

    My make guinea pig Fin passed away suddenly yesterday. I came home from school to find him looking very ill I did everything I could for him and wouldn’t be able to take him to the vet until the morning. He unfortunately didn’t make it and passed away. My dad was in the room with me and held Fin...