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guinea pig fighting

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    Guinea pig fights?

    I've recently taken over the care of 2 pigs from my sister, theyre both male and have been together since birth. Ive recently moved them into a 2x4 c&c cage, they've been in there for around 3 days and suddenly they seem to be constantly fighting for dominance. Could this be as a result of...
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    3 Male guinea pigs bonding problem

    I recently got two male guinea pigs for my senior guinea pig, whose cage mate died in March. Right away during the bonding time, my senior guinea pig (Coco) started humping and nibbling the other guinea pigs. Since nothing out of ordinary was going on, I continued with the bonding process and...
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    New Guinea addition

    Hi, Hope you can help. We have two 6 month old guinea pigs and we have just bought a new baby guinea pig. Currently we have created a barrier in between the two older ones and the new one but the two older pig have started fighting each other whenever the new one is near. Is this behavior...