guinea pig handling

  1. J

    Help with handling and trust

    Hello. I rescued two boars this summer, Theodore and Pierre, and am looking for some advice with regard to handling. It has been a very slow journey with these boys but here is some background: -They are both approximately 2 years old (unfortunately no exact birth day) -They were both show...
  2. O

    Nighttime cage necessary?

    Hi all, we’re new to Guinea Pig ownership and having put our girls in an outdoor hutch we have decided to move them back indoors permanently. I have ordered a C&C open top cage but wondered about nighttime, should I put them in a closable cage then? Will their food attract mice into the house? I...
  3. Hannahb2804

    Handling a new piggie

    Bringing new piggies home on Saturday so I’m asking as many questions I can to make sure I’m ready, I’ve done research for about 3 months so I think I’m on the right track, but I was wondering how long to let the piggies stay in their cage until I can handle them as I want to bond with them as...
  4. Princessmint

    Cage Cleaning Advice?

    Hi, I'm a new piggy mama, just got my babies 2 weeks ago. They are getting more comfortable, not hiding from me as much. My issue is removing them from the cage for cleaning. I did it once and picked them up to put into play pen, but it was very difficult and I don't think they enjoyed being...
  5. S

    When to hold new baby Guinea Pig?

    I just brought home my baby Guinea pig 2 days ago. Not sure exactly how hold he is but my guess is he is 2-3 months. He started eating out of my hand an hour after being home, which I understand is quite fast. But is nervous when I go to pet him, jumps at any little noise I make and the 3 times...
  6. M

    New guinea pig care

    So this is my first pay and I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. I have two make guinea pigs, I've had them about three weeks. I'm not sure if I should hold them more as they're rather difficult to pig up and don't want to stress them. They've become more comfortable with coming out while I'm...