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guinea pig obese

  1. W

    Really fat female

    Hi, I have two guinea pigs, Nymeria and Bubbles, Nymeria is a slim american pig and Bubbles is a fat peruvian pig. They are both around 1 and half years old and females. Nymeria - 989 grams Bubbles - 1230 grams Nymeria is about 3/4 months older than Bubbles but Bubbles is so much bigger than...
  2. ChubbyCarrots

    Overweight guinea pig?

    Hello, for a while Coco has been overweight, ever since he was 1 he was overweight but he has reached the peak. He looks like a cuboid now, he drags his dewlap as it is so big. For the past two months we have stopped feeding him carrots in hopes that he would lose weight. Unfortunately we see no...
  3. bellajessica

    Adopted A 2 Year Old Guinea Pig...help.

    Hello, First time guinea pig owner and adopted a 2 year old guinea pig and i have a few problems. The guinea pig is very fat, the woman who I adopted him from told me that she just fed him all the time and kept him either in the cage or on her knee so he hasn't had much chance to run about. The...