guinea pig pee

  1. K

    Guinea pig having trouble peeing

    I’m at my last resort posting here as i’m not sure what to do with my guinea pig Wilson. It’s been just over a month now that he has started making little squeaking noises when he pees, and a few weeks ago started hunching and seeming like he was struggling to go, hiding in his corner and making...
  2. B

    Can pale pink pee e caused by red spinach?

    Hi so i just adopted a baby guinea pig, I dont know her exact age but she is very small but knows how to eat. She is about two months old. She peed pale pink, barely noticable on the white floor. Can this be because today and yesterday she ate a lot of red spinach? I am very worried.
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    Weird Guinea Pig Pee

    Hi! i’ve noticed my female guinea pig Minnie has been peeing these kind of mushy spots. is this normal or do i need to see a vet? please help.