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guinea pig pellets

  1. A

    Not eating pellets

    Hello all, I am in a unique predicament. I have 3 guinea pigs and I’m a college student. During finals week recently I trusted a friend to bring me pellets for my pigs while I was focused on studying because I was running low. When I realized two weeks later I had accidentally been feeding them...
  2. M

    Young Guinea Pellets vs. Adult Pellets - Necessary?

    Hi there, For reasons that I have posted on another thread, I now have a 2 months old piggie and a 10 month old piggie living together. For that reason, I have some questions: Does the younger piggie really need the pellets that are labeled as Baby/Young Food? We use Oxbow. Because if so...
  3. Xmolxlie

    Guinea pigs gone off their nuggets

    Hi everyone! My guinea pigs have gone off their pellets/nuggets. They currently have the pets at home complete pellets, I’ll link the ones they have here...
  4. M

    Guinea Pig Diet - Newbie Guinea Pig Owner

    Hello! We inherited a guinea pig from kids daycare. Her mate died. She is happy and healthy - we just had our first vet visit! Anyhow ---she doesn't like fresh veggies and fruit - just carrots - which I know they can only have a few times a week. She snubs everything else I put in there - but...
  5. Aubrey&Lup'sMum

    To feed or not to feed: Watson & Williams Food Mix for Guinea Pig and Rabbit

    We found ourselves out of our local refuge's specialty Pig 'n' Mix (pellet alternative) which our piggies *love*. Until we can get some more, we thought we'd pick up a bag of food mix from the pet shop. We looked very closely at all the ingredients and are super aware that most stuff at the...
  6. buttonlove

    Best Guinea Pig Nuggets In The Uk?

    Hi all! So I've just been told by another piggy friend, that the Burgess Excell Nuggets aren't very good for piggies - due to the lucerine & molasses. Now, I already knew about the molasses, but thought the benefit of the food outwayed that. However Lucerine stands for Alfalfa! Which I am not...