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guinea pig products

  1. R

    New pups- Salt lick wheels and chew toys, necessary?

    I just picked up two baby pigs today, and whilst i was in the store the assistant kept trying to make me buy all of these health products as part of their "health insurance deal". They told me to buy a salt lick wheel, a "Pet One Lava Crunchy Snack" and the strange one: "Sulphadim for ornamental...
  2. The Chipmunks

    Food Bowls

    Hi, I have a very boisterous guinea pig and he used to have a china bowl in his cage for his dry food and then another for his fresh food. However, he likes to tip the bowls up (inparticular his dry food bowl) and he flips them on to each other. I was cared he would crack of break the bowl so I...
  3. P

    Product Recommendations

    I noticed there aren't a whole load of guinea pig product recommendation threads out there so I thought I'd take the opportunity to make one. If anyone has any DIYs or products they've tried and liked, post them here! :)