guinea pig sounds

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    Happy pig, or potential respiratory issue?

    Hi everyone! Slinky, my 14 month old male, has started making a noise more frequently lately and it concerns me about his health. I’m saving up for a potential vet visit, but I wanted to see if anyone else knew anything about this noise, in case it’s more common than I think. Since I got him...
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    New sound

    Hi guys, I have had my little guineas for 6 months now and the past 2 nights I have overheard them making a noise that I have not heard before. I have tried watching videos and searching the internet for an explanation but I cannot find it anywhere. If anyone could help me I would be very great...
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    guinea pig making strange sounds

    My female guinea pig is making a strange noise. She used to make it every night when she was pregnant but now she does it all the time. She seems calm because she just lays there screeches. It’s a high pitch squeal/chirp, it sounds like a microwave beeping but really fast. None of my other pigs...