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guinea pig staring at one point

  1. B

    staring into corner

    hi ! so recently my guinea pig has been staring at the corner and he sleeps a lot, but he does act pretty normal. he eats, plays regularly, drinks, poops normal, everything. i didnt get him when he was a baby but he wasnt a full grown adult either. hes the first guinea pig i have ever owned and...
  2. T&T

    My Guinea Pig Is Behaving Very Weird, He Stops And Stare At One Point For A While... Please Help.

    Please help, I'm new to this forum so first of all hello to everyone. I wonder if you could help me, I realised that from few days my guinea pig is acting strange. He would stop at one place, usually by his food bowl or in his cozy bed and look up or in front of him with his eyes wide open for a...