guinea pig stroke

  1. Amy Barton

    Soft poo after suffering from a stroke

    Hi, a week ago today our guinea pig Peppa who is 6 had a stroke which left her paralysed in her back legs and blind in both eyes. We immediately phoned our vet (who is very good with guinea pigs) and when we took her in the vet agreed that she had had a stroke but due to her age was unsure if...
  2. EllieHawkins

    Guinea pig suffered a stroke. Need advice.

    Sadly my beloved Luna (1 year 2 months old) has suffered a stroke. I visited the vet immediately but because he didn’t see it happen he didn’t want to say it was for certain but prescribed me antibiotics. She drools on one side (the weak side) and has lost her balance and tilts to the one side...
  3. maisie

    Possible Stroke?

    Hi all :) Hope I'm posting this in the correct forum! We think our sow may have had some sort of stroke over the past few days, but I wanted to post on here to get other opinions. She's about 6/7 years old (estimated due to rescuing her and never knowing her correct age) and was healthy...