guinea pig unwell

  1. I

    Unwell guinea

    Guys, my poor Wednesday is unwell. She’s probably about 3/4 now and hasn’t really had any health problems before. A few days ago she looked like she got something stuck in her mouth and couldn’t get it out, she eventually stopped and i’ve been keeping an eye ever since. She’s done it a few times...
  2. squeakly

    Sudden death in guinea pig

    Hi all, My girlfriend’s guinea pig, Jackson, very suddenly passed away today at the age of 2. Hugo and Jackson were fed this morning and both seemed fine. My girlfriend went out and when she got back, Jackson was unconscious and his body was very cold. He died not long after. This is all very...
  3. fisher9988

    Dramatic hair loss in my guinea pig!

    I'm at my witts end, I thought Kevin had turned a corner and was getting better. I have no clue what is going on with him and our vets advised against testing as the anesthesia would more than likely kill him being so weak. I noticed a balding patch on his leg when he was having his veggies...
  4. N

    vets just don’t know. Guinea pig sneezing a lot/ 1 runny nostril metcam not working.

    Hi has anyone had this issue before or is there a vet that can help? My Guinea pig has been sneezing very often for 2 months and getting a runny nose (just one nostril & clear fluid) He’s absolutely fine in himself the vets say it’s NOT an infection because the runny nose is clear and he’s...