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guinea pig warmth

  1. minnie_ozzy

    How to care for large bald patches (cause established)

    Hi there! One of my piggies, Minnie, has been plagued by some health problem nearly her whole life :(( For the past 6 months or so, she's had slowly growing bald patches over her body. I've just moved them to my new residence, where the vets actually seem to know what they're doing with guinea...
  2. P

    Best (and cheapest) way to keep warm in Winter?

    Hi all. I was wondering what others do to keep their piggies warm in the winter (if like me they keep theirs outside in a hutch with no access to inside the house or a shed etc). I am going to buy more fleece liners (as they have fleece liners for their sleeping area but not for the main part...
  3. S

    Keeping Guinea Pigs Warm In My Cold Room

    Hello! I don't yet have any piggies, but I plan on getting 2 and have been prepping for the past few weeks with research and etc. My plan is to make a large C&C Cage with fleece bedding in my closet (a moderately big closet, and there will be two levels. I will also be keeping the doors open at...