guineapig died

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    Do NOT Give Your Guinea Pigs Convenia Antibiotic

    My little baby Snugs passed away today. 😢 My partner and I took her to the vet along with our other two pigs because they had a mild cough. They were otherwise doing fine. Happy, lively, eating well. Only coughed a little at nighttime and we wanted to get them treated incase it turned into...
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    Companions for bereaved 6 year old pig?

    Hi, I have had my two bonded male piggies for 6 years now since they were only 8 weeks old or so. The dominant one of them has recently sadly been put down. My other pig got to see the body and seemed to show no interest in it, continuing to graze. He has been eating alright since then and was...
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    Guinea pig died in less than α week

    I have had guineas for α long time and I recently got Burt and Ernie (my 10th piggies) from the adoption bit in pets at home last sunday. Today i go to feed and water and Bert is dead? In less then α week of owning them. I want to talk to pets at home because it was so unexpected. Do you think i...