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  1. jadielin

    Tumor or ear infection?

    Hi everyone, Yesterday morning one of my girls didn’t great me in the morning and I felt something was wrong. I woke her up and when she got out of bed she couldn’t stop running in circles and had a head tilt. I scooped her up to try to calm her down because she seemed very confused and didn’t...
  2. Boris_Poppy_Poppet

    Crusty yellow ears

    Hello, I have just given my Guinea pig a health check and he seems to have very yellow, crusty ears as well as flaky skin all over his body. He’s not showing any signs of hair loss or loss in appetite etc so not quite sure what this could be?
  3. Guptheguineapig

    Ear infection treatments

    I have a little guinea piggy tippy (who I have posted about on here before). I called to her vet with a picture of some recent ear issues that appear to be chronic. He gave me panalog ointment and it seemed to be effective in cleaning her out last time. Due to the virus pandemic, my usual vet...
  4. Saraownsgp

    Ear infection please help!

    My guinea pig has been very lethargic since yesturday. He stays mostly in his hideout with his head on the side on the ground. When ever we pick him up and put him in our lap he tilts his head. I think this is a sign of an ear infection but none of the exotic animal vets aren’t open until...
  5. BayandPiper

    Ear Infections In Guinea Pigs

    I have a guinea pig named Bay. I have noticed that she has not been acting herself. Her head is tilting slightly to the left and she keeps sneezing. She also has not been eating as much as she did before. I think this is an ear infection but I am not 100% sure. I would like to know if there is a...