1. BobaTheGuineaPiglet


    I was wondering if guinea pigs can be on Oxbow Vitamin C and Oxbow Urinary Support supplements at the same time. My guinea pig is on Baytril (for his sneezing),Bene-Bac (for his soft poop), and Oxbow Vitamin C supplement at the moment. I was wondering if I can also add the Urinary Support as...
  2. Lucyscavies

    Veggies I can feed my piggies

    Hi, I’m just wondering what veggies you feed your piggies? I’m in the uk and I want to give my guinea pigs more a variety of veg. The things I feed them are: Romaine, cabbage, kale, cucumber, carrots, peppers, green beans, baby corn, gem lettuce, coriander, fruit (twice a week) and sometimes...