1. jacobegreysenismypiggy

    My guinea pig's chewing on his cage and it's causing his mouth to bleed.

    Hello my name is Hannah and I have a guinea pig called Jacobe. He is briefly a year old. He hasn't done this before until now. The year we've had him he has never chewed on his cage. He's currently in a plastic cage ready to transition into a CC cage. Before we do that I want to make sure he's...
  2. BobaTheGuineaPiglet


    I was wondering if guinea pigs can be on Oxbow Vitamin C and Oxbow Urinary Support supplements at the same time. My guinea pig is on Baytril (for his sneezing),Bene-Bac (for his soft poop), and Oxbow Vitamin C supplement at the moment. I was wondering if I can also add the Urinary Support as...