1. mochalily2020

    Eye problem

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding one of my guinea pig's eye. She seems totally fine but over the past few months the area between her eyeball and he skin seems to have gotten bigger and now you can see this white area between her eye ball and the fur which is a little strange, it...
  2. jacobegreysenismypiggy

    My guinea pig's chewing on his cage and it's causing his mouth to bleed.

    Hello my name is Hannah and I have a guinea pig called Jacobe. He is briefly a year old. He hasn't done this before until now. The year we've had him he has never chewed on his cage. He's currently in a plastic cage ready to transition into a CC cage. Before we do that I want to make sure he's...
  3. BobaTheGuineaPiglet


    I was wondering if guinea pigs can be on Oxbow Vitamin C and Oxbow Urinary Support supplements at the same time. My guinea pig is on Baytril (for his sneezing),Bene-Bac (for his soft poop), and Oxbow Vitamin C supplement at the moment. I was wondering if I can also add the Urinary Support as...