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    Hair Loss and Itching

    Hi- I am new to this fourm and I hope you all can help me. This morning I noticed my pig had lost a patch of hair just above her right front foot (not too big but noticeable). I have also noticed she has been itching (or gnawing, she I guess chews on it then pulls, my previous pigs did the same...
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    Pulling hair out due to boredom?

    Continuing from my last post, my pig, Simon has been losing lots of hair and I have seen him pull it. I have been to the vet multiple times and I've done every test there is (mites, cultures on the scabs, ext.) except blood work. Everything comes back negative and I remembered reading somewhere...
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    Irritated bald spot from pulling hair out

    My year old guinea Simon had some issues not too long ago. We assumed it was initially a bite from the other pig but it continued after we separated them. The vet did tests for mites and came out negative. We spent a lot of money on tests and they could not tell us what was wrong. They said it...
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    Guinea's back completely bare?

    So I have a long haired guinea called Laika, and she's almost 2.5, she had a partner for a few months, another female called Luna but she passed away at just under a year old. Laika has been absolutely fine since, she's very timid but fine with cuddles and always has a good appetite and drinks...