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hairless guinea pigs

  1. RheMae

    Baby hairless and watery eye?

    Hi everybody. I recently got another guinea pig despite not being fully ready, because my other guinea pig Bert needed a companion. They're doing super well together, luckily. His name is Will, and he's a hairless breed, with only hair on his nose and paws. He's about a couple months old now...
  2. B

    Fighting and separation anxiety?

    Hello, I have been trying to find a friend for my male (~2.5 year old) piggie, Casper. I found a sweet/troublemaker skinny pig and they did fairly well with introductions at the shelter, so we decided to try a foster-to-adopt. I started slow, switching dishes and hideouts then put them together...
  3. aniasandyogurt

    small v lack beetles

    Hi, I was cleaning out my hairless guinea pigs cage and i noticed 2 black beetles or something. They were relatively small. They didn’t seem harmful. i squashed them and threw them away. My guinea pigs don’t seem to have anything on them and they’re eating happily and popcorning. I was just...
  4. C

    Meloxicam Causing Death

    After losing a battle with my almost 3-year-old skinny pig (Hairless guinea pig) to dermatitis that went into the bones, I had decided to get a baby hairless guinea pig to keep my almost 2-year-old guy, company. I had taken the new baby guinea pig I named Phelix, to the vet. His penis had gotten...
  5. G

    Skinny Pigs & Allergies? Please Help

    My family had a beautiful long-haired Peruvian Piggie that died at 6 years old in 2011. I was so upset over losing her that I never planned on getting another "replacement" piggy. But today I just happened to be at a pet store and fell in love with a little black skinny pig. We brought her home...