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  1. Julie M

    Cody The Hamster

    Cody is one lucky hamster. He is totally spoilt rotten. I feel so bad that my old hamsters I had previously were in tiny cages (what was "normal" at the time.) I'm so glad there are better cages available now. And the tiny wheels my hamsters had. :no: You live and learn.
  2. Jesse's pigs

    *non Guinea Pig Question* Hamster Help

    I realise that this is a guinea pig forum and I wouldn't regard it as urgent but for those who also own hamsters I'm just curious. My hamster Fred (first male hammy :) ) is healthy and doesn't seem in pain. However, recently we've noticed that on occasions he's eye seems half shut? The picture...
  3. Y

    Is This Cage Suitable, From A Former Pet Which Was Not A Guinea Pig?

    Hi, I have been looking for a hamster since I have a cage which has not been used for a year till I stumbled upon guinea pigs which instantly caught my attention, they look fun and friendly, but I really don`t want to buy a new cage (or make one), is the one in the link suitable? Alaska Hamster...