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hand feeding

  1. x3littlepiggies

    Settling in 3 piggies

    Hi everyone! New owner here :-) Myself and my partner welcomed 3 beautiful 6 week old female guinea pigs into our lives last Thursday (Tofu, Peanut, and Noodle). They have a large 4x2 enclosure with lots of places to hide, things to explore, and interesting chew items. Since they've arrived...
  2. G

    Can I Store Mixed Critical Care In The Fridge?

    If I were to make a batch for a day (lets say, I mixed 1/2 a tablespoon of Critical Care with 1 tablespoon of water to make about 21ml of Critical Care mix) one morning, but I want to give it to my piggie in 5-6 doses (that same day) can i just store that large batch in the fridge just for that...
  3. Siikibam

    My Clever Boys!

    The boys are in two store bought cages that are placed near each other to give them more space. When I come to (spot) clean I get them into one while I clean the other. Every time they go up to the bars and stand up. They keep looking for entry into the rest of their house :D Today they even bit...
  4. ToastandBeans

    Beans And Toast Now Eating Out Of My Hand

    So it was feeding time (Could tell by wheeking) so I got them some apple. I put some slices through and they took it out of my hand like normal. One slice they both came up for it so I was expecting a tug of apple. But nope! I was holding it and they both started nibbling it together while it...
  5. Nikolapalak

    Urgent-teeth, Uri, And Hand Feeding

    Hi everyone, I've got a piggy that's just over 4 years old now. a couple of days ago he had a surgery done under anaesthetic. That was for his teeth. I don't know why but since the surgery he has not been eating at all and he lost almost a pound in the last 2 months. I've been trying to force...
  6. E

    Post Operation Problems

    Our 4 year old guinea pig Mabel stopped eating last week, it took us a day or two to notice something was wrong and we took her to the vets, she needed surgery and a few days later the vet removed her ovaries which had become enlarged. We took her home and have been feeding her a sort of...
  7. Dewi Rhys Jones

    Ref: Hand-feeding A Guinea - Where Is The Best Place To Buy Oxbow Critical Care, Coventry?

    hi guys just following on from my last thread - Joni is still with us and is slowly eating by herself. I am still feeding her Critical Care and keeping an eye on her weight, however I need to get some more. I live in Coventry and dont drive, so I cant go around the pet shops to see who stocks...
  8. Beans&Toast

    Confused By Toast's Behaviour

    Warning: slightly long post. So I've had Toast for close to a year now and all I knew about her was that her previous owner did not spend any time with her or show her affection, she lived alone in a small cage and had food thrown in once a day. Understandably this means that she's not the...
  9. P

    Baby Pig Biting After Hand Feeding

    Hello. I'm a new pig mom and I took in a very young pig (He's roughly 2 months old. When he came to me his umbilical cord scab was still present) who became really sick due to the situation he was in before he came to live with me. Fortunately he is getting better. I've been hand feeding him the...