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  1. emily21

    Facts about your piggies that always make you happy

    During these rough times I think a lot of us could use something to smile at so I think we should share three facts about our little boars and sows. I have three boars each one with a different personality and their own little quirks. So here is a fact about each of my guinea pigs that...
  2. Jellyfish

    Two weeks and one day with my guinea pigs!

    Hi all! Just wanna write an update on what it feels like to be a guinea pig's (or two) slaves :) It feels absolutely WONDERFUL! And I am super glad that I joined this forum, it helps me a lot even though I am not from the UK. I never felt like this before, everytime I see my boars, it feels...
  3. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Happiness Is A Blade Of Grass... Or Two.

    Too many pics of lawn mowing! Iggy's first time out with the girls, but in a separate run :) ^ Where's Iggy? :D ^ "Let me at 'them mum!" ^ "We just need one more for out Beatles tribute act!" ^ "Hi Cissy, Cissy... Cissy... Cissy! Pay attention to me!" They were far more...