happy birthday

  1. Prasiddha

    Happy first birthday fluffy!

    Dear friends, We are very happy to celebrate fluffy's first birthday today. She is an excellent piggy with all good characters. She is lively, loving, calm and a very good mother. In this one year of her life she has been a proud mom of seven healthy pups. I am really blessed to have her in my...
  2. Piggy996

    My Piggy's Journey

    Hello, these are the pics of my Piggy from the day 1 (when we got him) to these days after he got much more comfortable and friendly :)
  3. Celine298

    A Very Special Day...

    Today is the one year anniversary of the day we brought home our first piggy, Sunny Hughie Anthony! Since I don't know his actual birthday, I've decided this will be his special day. Extra cuddles will be had tonight along with a special treat of a melon slice :) To celebrate, I want to...