1. emily21

    Facts about your piggies that always make you happy

    During these rough times I think a lot of us could use something to smile at so I think we should share three facts about our little boars and sows. I have three boars each one with a different personality and their own little quirks. So here is a fact about each of my guinea pigs that...
  2. Livvysquish

    Suspiciously close to me...

    Hey! I would like a bit of insight as for the past week or two I've been dumbfounded by my pair of guinea pigs. (They are 10 weeks old, I got them at 6 weeks) since the 7/8th week they are so relaxed around me thats its scary 😂 they will eat from my hand, sleep on my lap (with eyes closed)...
  3. Lizzieejoyce


    Can anyone share an accurate video of a guinea purring? I‘ve searched high and low but all the clips I’ve seen have been of owners mistaking purring for rumbling. My two are very vocal and I want to be able to distinguish between purring and general chatter/exploring chirps 😊
  4. Jasmined

    Recommendations on cosy beds

    Does any one have any recommendations (links if possible) for some cosier beds? Recently moved to fleece bedding and they’re loving it, would love to put some more snuggly items in. I’ve seen pictures of guineas sleeping in sort of cat bed looking things, I’ve had a little search but nothing’s...
  5. wheek!guinea

    Guinea horse

    After a good cage clean I've got a guinea horse. He's jumping over and climbing on his brother who's under the fleece pocket in the middle. During zoomies he will jump on him, or over him if he's anywhere in the cage LOL.
  6. Siikibam

    What made you happy today?

    Thought I would start a nice thread. What made you happy today? I’ll go first! My husband just rang me asking if I want some Karin Slaughter books that are going for 50p in their staff shop. I’m so happy that he remembers she is one of my favourite authors. I do love him 😁😍
  7. Munching Maniac

    Share your piggy stories!

    Share your funny, scary, sad etc. stories about you guinea pigs and their adventures with you... ❤️❤️❤️
  8. Siikibam

    So chuffed!

    So I’ve had the girls 11 months now, and today they were both kipping out in the open! They have pigloos and a box but seem to have chosen to just dodge them. I’M SO HAPPY! The undergirl is the less scared one, though it’s the opposite with my husband 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️ Here’s a picture of her kipping...
  9. D

    We are traveling for three hours

    Is it ok to leave my guinea pig Colt alone for three hours? Will he get bored or lonely? He is two months old so I don’t know if I should leave him alone. We are going to drive but it will take three hours to get there. We just got him and he hides alot. He is also very jumpy if he is left alone...
  10. MiloAndJake

    Piggies getting their confidence!

    So i got my piggies about 2 weeks ago when they were only 8 weeks old, as they’re coming up to 10 weeks i must say they’re getting their own lil personalities and growing more confident every day, they absolutely love being out in the sun munchin the grass, they’re defo the cutest lil creatures...
  11. Beans&Toast

    Maple's Morning Run

    This is what Maple does every morning. Sometimes Beans will join in, but sometimes she's a grumpy old pig who wants to stop her fun :doh: :love:
  12. alf1et

    Safe Guinea Pig Toys

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could please help me, I have been doing lots of research for about 6/7 months because I am getting 2 baby American guinea pigs and I can't find any information on weather or not RUBBER toys are safe for guinea pigs. I was wondering if anyone could please help me...
  13. Jesse's pigs

    Genuinely Nice Surprise

    Went to Pets@Home today to get another 1kg bag (I think lol its the biggest one they do) of Timothy hay. I know it's not the best value for money (actually think they messed up as the sign said £6.99 and I paid £4 something :whistle:) but Mo loves it and Steve has been on it since I got him...
  14. Jennybug89

    Guinea Pig Therapy

    I've been a piggy mammy for less than two months. But already I can understand why people love them so. I had a death in my family two days ago. My great aunt passed away after quite a tough weeks weeks. She was like a nanny to me as all my grandparents are unfortunately long gone. The last few...
  15. Jennybug89

    It's The Little Things!

    I just saw my little Rosie "popcorning" for the first time while making noise, which she never has before! It was just lovely... I think she's finally settling in!:love::D
  16. Jesse's pigs

    1 To 2

    Right I've finally done it! Mo has a friend which he is currently getting acquainted to. (Mo has never looked soooo huge!) Okay so he seemed a little shocked at first and a bit jumpy. Then I got a little worried cos he kept nibbling the little ones fur and ears - one of which he caught and...
  17. ChloeCee98

    Love Love Love ❤️

    I love it when friends and family ask to come round and see the piggies! Does anyone else end up having people sat in the pigs room veggies everywhere and happy piggies showing off? Cos I do almost twice a week lol! They get so much love and attention. Also popped a blanket over MoMos side of...
  18. Guinea Days

    Hey Guys! We Would Like To Share With Our Guinea Pigs How We Keep In Shape

    hey guys, we would like to share with you how our guinea pigs stay in healthy and good quality shape. (well apart from one of our guinea pigs has a big but...!) pluss advise on what kind of games may interest them. so lets start with their favourite: the hutch. This is a little wooden, home...
  19. ChloeCee98

    How To Start Doing Lap Time?

    How do I get my piggies to do lap time? With years of having hamsters I'm still a bit jumpy...but I know I need to get used to getting them out. MoMo my older pig is used to being held by her previous owner but she still isn't fully confident with me just yet. But noodle is around 5 months old...
  20. Cookie&JayJay

    What Can I Feed My Guinea Pigs To Spice Up Their Boring Daily Food Routine?

    Hello, I am new to this forum, and don't quite know how it works, so sorry if I'm asking in the wrong place. I have two guinea pigs, Cookie and Jay Jay. They are both super fat and eat a lot, but everyday eat the same boring things, like cabbage, silver beet, red and yellow silver beet, stuff...