1. Swissgreys

    A difficult day by Harry

    It’s been a difficult day here. It started quite well. Lucy smelt super interesting this morning, and I was very excited (although I wasn’t quite sure why). I was popcorning and rumbling all over the cage, and adding lots of squeaks in between. I was quite thrilled with myself, and kept trying...
  2. Swissgreys

    The New House by Harry

    Today Lucy and I got a new house. It is very nice and big, and it has 2 doors, which the salve said is a good thing. Apparently this is necessary becasue I have some 'personal space' issues. Frankly this is totally unfair, and it is actually Lucy who has the 'personal space' issues - she gets...
  3. Carrotyd

    When You Move In For A Bro Hug, But The Junk In Your Trunk Gets In The Way

    Hello guys. I've been away from the forum for a while, and forgot how much I love this place. Harry and Lloyd are both great, and have had a great few months, and continue to be best buds. So much so, they can't bear to be parted... As this next sequence of pictures show. This is Lloyd, just...