hay bag

  1. Sgartland98

    I need soft hay options !

    Hello I purchased hay from small pet select and I absolutely hate it. I recently purchased the oxbow hay blends western Timothy hay and orchard hay mixed I was wondering if that’s a good hay to feed my boys ?
  2. cashewandpeppa

    Dust-free hay in the US

    Quality of hay is BY FAR the most important thing to me for my girls. I'm looking for a premium hay to order online that doesn't have a ton of dust at the bottom of the bag/box. I'd order from dustfreehay.co.uk if I was in the UK, but I'm in Chicago, IL. And their hay is American-grown, so I'm...
  3. Jennybug89

    Storing Hay

    So I have a bag of hay and a bag if Timothy readigrass here at the moment. I'm just wondering what way you guys store your hay. Is it okay to leave the bag open or do you tape it shut etc? Will it go bad if not sealed tightly?
  4. Siikibam

    Homemade Cage Liners

    I decided to move to fleece bedding after a few things about shavings I didn't like. Including finding a piece stuck in Fudge's bits. I've made the cage liner for the smaller one and will make it for the other tonight. I want rid of the shavings ready for tomorrow's bin collection so I'll have...