hay dust

  1. D

    Yumi lost his wheak and does a weird "kakakkakak" sound

    I have a quick question about one of my piggies. In my previous threads that I had deleted, I mentioned that I took my 2 guinea pigs to the vet for health exams and poop/blood tests, it costed me $330 and the only thing the vet did was tell me they're negative for fungal/parasites. My eldest...
  2. cashewandpeppa

    Dust-free hay in the US

    Quality of hay is BY FAR the most important thing to me for my girls. I'm looking for a premium hay to order online that doesn't have a ton of dust at the bottom of the bag/box. I'd order from dustfreehay.co.uk if I was in the UK, but I'm in Chicago, IL. And their hay is American-grown, so I'm...
  3. Tinychels

    Hay in the eye and getting treated for it

    Hello! One of my piggies, Ruby, unfortunately got a tiny little piece of hay (or maybe it was hay dust) in her eye two days ago. I tried taking it off but I couldn't and it managed to get under her lower eyelid. So I was freaking out because I'm aware that this can lead to a major eye injury...