hay holder

  1. Rinn

    Best Hay Rack/ Hay Rack Suggestions.

    I was wondering which hay rack would be the safest? This thread can also be a suggestion for hay racks. I know that ball hay racks/wheel hay racks/the V shaped wire hay rack had caused more than a few accidents. Here is a hay rack I'm currently using for the pigs. They are from daiso, I cut a...
  2. Sara’s Piggies

    Best Hay Rack/set Up

    Help! I've been trying to find the best way to keep hay in my piggies cage. I've always just done big piles of hay with my previous piggies and is what I'm currently doing with my new one. I know the piggies like the big piles of hay but unfortunately it's just end up getting very messy...
  3. Danniecakes

    C&c Question

    Hi Out of curiosity, I am moving from woodshavings (dust free) to fleeces, I have two questions, 1) i have seen many variations of fleece liners and have seen one where you fold it round a flat bit of correx which is the same of the base which I quiet like. How do I make this? 2) my guinea...