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hay rack

  1. Queenjellybeany

    Hay Rack?

    Hi all! I was here yesterday asking for help for mites on my poor piggie girl! So I'm wondering if it would be better for me to have a hay rack that they can eat from? They normally just have a hay and grass mix on the floor for them to play in as well as they love it haha. Now however I'm...
  2. Munching Maniac

    Hay racks

    Hello everyone, I need advice on hay racks because at the moment I give my guinea pigs a pile of hay but after a while they walk on the hay and wee on it so I have to replace it. It would be easier for me to have a hay rack but I don’t know if it would help or not. I don’t mind diy so if you...
  3. oofitsnaomi

    Hay Feeder

    Hi:D I was just browsing around and I found a post of someone saying that their piggy died because it got caught in the hay rack? I just wanted to make sure mine was safe. It's this one All Living Things® Wooden Hay Feeder | small pet Feeders & Water Bottles | PetSmart Thanks!
  4. Rinn

    Best Hay Rack/ Hay Rack Suggestions.

    I was wondering which hay rack would be the safest? This thread can also be a suggestion for hay racks. I know that ball hay racks/wheel hay racks/the V shaped wire hay rack had caused more than a few accidents. Here is a hay rack I'm currently using for the pigs. They are from daiso, I cut a...
  5. SweetClementine

    Hay Rack Help

    I've had my guinea pigs for 3 months now, and so far, they've been really awesome. They've settled into the rhythm of things really well. They're great at having their nails trimmed and they're not at all afraid to explore and exercise. But their hay rack is being a bit problematic for me. It's...
  6. Sara’s Piggies

    Best Hay Rack/set Up

    Help! I've been trying to find the best way to keep hay in my piggies cage. I've always just done big piles of hay with my previous piggies and is what I'm currently doing with my new one. I know the piggies like the big piles of hay but unfortunately it's just end up getting very messy...