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hay suppliers

  1. Megham

    Recommended hay suppliers?

    Hey guys! Looking for any trusted hay suppliers you have in the UK. I've now got my second infestation of hay mites within a year for my poor girls and I'm DONE :'D So I'm wondering what hay suppliers do you guys use because I'm eagerly searching for a new supplier with a good reputation...
  2. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Hay, Sorry To Bore!

    I'm in the market for a new hay, as current hay has changed. I know there are loads of threads on here regarding hay, I've been reading through them. It all seems very confusing as to what is good/bad, what WAS good and isn't now, what changes in every bag etc. I've looked into various ones like...
  3. V

    Hay For Pets Ings Hay.

    I've just had a delivery of Hay for Pets INGS hay. I know some forum members have had some batches that they are not happy with BUT - I'm really happy with this batch - lovely and green and fresh smelling . I was hoping my 4 would tell you how good it is - but they're too busy munching .