1. ChloeP

    Hay storage idea

    I've recently switched to getting my hay from Haybox (they absolutely love it) but I love a bargain and decided I simply had to get the largest amount as it was the best value...now I have three massive 5kg cardboard boxes sat in the spare room of my fairly small flat 😅 Not like we will have any...
  2. Hannahb2804

    Type of hay and where to purchase

    Hi! Wondering if anyone could help me, I’ve been doing my research on the best hay to buy for piggies, Preferably id want to buy one big box to use for both the toilet tray and hay bag but I know some people chose to do one type of hay for one and one the other so if anyone could answer these...
  3. Guineapigfeet

    Why they get hay-pokes

    Just had a new 10kg of HayBox Club meadow hay delivered. I topped up the girls’ hay tray and this happened: It’s not just a hay tray, it’s a hay tray with three pigs hiding in it! I’ve never ‘seen’ them all in it together like this!