1. Ariangel

    Hay Poke

    hello :D I was looking at some stories about hay poke and I was just wondering.... What is hay poke? What do I do if my pig has it? How do I prevent it? Thanks :D
  2. LydiaMinx

    Cloudy Eye After Long Treated Hay-poke And Recent Dental Trouble

    Hey guys, me again! Hopefully I can take a break from posting in this section of the forum soon :bye: So Badger, as detailed in a separate thread, has had dental issues this week. I think I managed to get it under wraps pretty quickly, first noticed he was under the weather on Friday night, he...
  3. Piggiemum7

    Cloudy Eye After Hay Poke

    I noticed my guinea pig Jerry had a small piece of hay stuck under the lid above his eye which I bathed with hot water and managed to get out without much fuss. I'm just a little worried as his eye has clouded over and the normally white areas have turned red. I'm going to take him to the vets...