1. Guineapigsmcr

    Possible Hay Poke? Opinions Please

    My guineapig Moo ( neutered male 2yrs Old) seems to have an issue with his left eye. We think it may be an injury such as hay poking but we are not sure. we have only noticed this yesterday evening. Other days he was fine we are sure. (I have attached images at the end of this post) His eye is...
  2. Ariangel

    Hay Poke

    hello :D I was looking at some stories about hay poke and I was just wondering.... What is hay poke? What do I do if my pig has it? How do I prevent it? Thanks :D
  3. LydiaMinx

    Cloudy Eye After Long Treated Hay-poke And Recent Dental Trouble

    Hey guys, me again! Hopefully I can take a break from posting in this section of the forum soon :bye: So Badger, as detailed in a separate thread, has had dental issues this week. I think I managed to get it under wraps pretty quickly, first noticed he was under the weather on Friday night, he...
  4. Piggiemum7

    Cloudy Eye After Hay Poke

    I noticed my guinea pig Jerry had a small piece of hay stuck under the lid above his eye which I bathed with hot water and managed to get out without much fuss. I'm just a little worried as his eye has clouded over and the normally white areas have turned red. I'm going to take him to the vets...