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  1. C

    Growth on nose

    Hey, I’ve recently noticed some kind of growth or something appear on one of my guinea pigs nose. I’ve attached a photo. Can anybody explain what it is and if there is anything I need to do to treat it? Many thanks
  2. S

    Not drinking water, urine gritty

    Bolt is 5 1/2 and he was back and the vets today with what I thought would be a uti. Last year he had quite a large calcium stone removed and the vet is slightly concerned as his wee is slightly gritty that he could be developing another :(. We have never seen him drink since we got him at a...
  3. Tahla

    Crusty strip between nostrils!

    Hi! First time posting, sorry if I do anything wrong! Not very good at these things! Haha. I have 2 piggies, Matt and Jeff! Today I noticed between their nostrils, mainly Matt, it has like a yellow crusty strip! I did not notice this yesterday during cuddle time and neither did my partner...
  4. J

    White Spot Above Guinea Pig’s Eye Help

    I got my guinea pigs from Petsmart on New Year’s eve (about 2 weeks ago) and they’ve been in good health, very active, etc. But today I noticed that my black guinea pig had some white above his eye that I’ve never seen before. I thought it was just a speck and that it was nothing that couldn’t...