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  1. K

    My gp is twitching? Is it seizures?

    Hey I have been taking my guinea pig to the vet for the last three months. He had started to sneeze a lot and get white discharge from his nose and was struggling and making noises when breathing. He had a cage mate at this time who sadly passed away in May as he didnt recover well and start to...
  2. I


    My guinea pig recently lost his cagemate for an unknown reason. Since then I've been monitoring him more closely (which he's not used to and is making him stressed) and I noticed he's been breathing pretty quickly. I took him to the vet about a week ago and they said it was a little faster than...
  3. Savyx_x

    Is my guinea wheezing ?

    Hello I am concerned about my 5 month old baby Mabel because I’m starting to hear little raspy voices/noises come out of her and I am unsure if she is developing respiratory issues Or if it’s a new sound she has came up with I have documented some videos of me holding her because it’s the only...
  4. LillyKormylo

    Petco Experience

    On May 4th I bought a baby male guinea pig from Petco. Which ended up being a mistake. I fell in love with him and named him Jelly (my other one is named Peanut-butter), he was the only one I’m his cage, and he looked so sad, I thought he could help my older guinea pig who just went through the...
  5. G

    Hair Loss And Rapid Breathing

    Hi, I’ve been researching this all month and can’t find a lot of information ,I have a female guinea pig about 4 months old named Honey, she was very lively and cuddly when I first got her, we slowly introduced her to our 6 month old female Hazel and they got along great and share a cage, Honey...