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    Fire alarm. Stress and hearing concern.

    I have recently just moved out into a new flat. My family still currently have my pigs and I am planning on bringing them up and moving them in with me however last night the fire alarm went off and it was piercingly LOUD! I'm genuinely very concerned that if it was to go off again with them here...
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    Guinea Pig Died All The Sudden

    My pig died unexpectedly during the night because when I woke up I went to check up on her she was lying on the floor stiff. I was shocked, she was only 3 and a half years old I don’t think it’s because of old age. I fed her regularly and I was going to clean her cage today. Her cage was big. I...
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    Strange Death

    My family adopted 2 adult males brothers that were given up to a local pet store. They are both very large definately full grown adult boars. We had them a couple weeks initially housed in the small cage we got them in. They started fighting drawing blood. Decided a new larger cage would...