heart failure

  1. G

    9 month old guinea pig passed, vet had no answers

    this past tuesday, a guinea pig i took in from a neglect situation passed away. she was very clearly sick when i got her at around 4 months old - had been fed only pellets, literally sitting in her own pee, being kept in a hamster cage, chunk ripped out of her ear, visibly underdeveloped and...
  2. S

    Pericardial effusion

    Hello, I’m after some experiences from other owners with piggies with heart conditions. My 3yo female guinea pig was started on treatment for heart problems around 6 months ago. She was doing so well no further issues until 4 days ago when she stopped eating/drinking, lethargic. I took her to...
  3. Shannon R

    New heart failure :(

    My 6 year old guinea stopped eating yesterday and looked short of breath. We took him to the vet and he had bilateral pulmonary edema. The vet said likely heart failure and he was started on lasix 4mg every 12 hours and antibiotics Baytril just in case. She did not think we would be alive in two...