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heat pads

  1. RosieMaia

    Alternatives To Snugglesafe

    Hi there! I just read a couple of threads on the alternatives of the SnuggleSafe heat pads, and I have a few questions. Since the old threads are now closed, I'm opening a new one. My arthritic pig reeeeaaally likes laying down on a soft surface, preferably larger, so he can pancake out. He...
  2. MrsMichic

    Guinea Pig With Mouth Sores - Vet Baffled!

    Hi all My lovely piggy Clive has sores on his lips that look like cold sores, and also brown discharge at the sides of his mouth. We have been to the vet numerous times and she is baffled! We've tried antibiotics, both topically and orally, and we have also tried an antifungal. She suspected...