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heat stroke

  1. Pig_mum

    Grieving over the loss of my guinea pig

    Hi all, I’m writing this post because I sadly lost my eldest guinea pig, aged 8, on Thursday 25th July. The grief has only just really hit and I suppose I’m seeking some advice and support as I’m feeling very angry, guilty and resentful. As you can probably recall, we had temperatures of 35oc...
  2. S

    Floppy/limp Guinea Pig?

    I have a 3yr/old boar that has been pretty healthy his whole life. Until recently, that is. He's been feeling kinda lifeless and floppy, not dead though. I look it up and it says something about having a stroke, and I know that they're subject to heat stroke and it's been REALLY hot in Oregon...
  3. TheLottiediarys

    It's Pretty Hot Right Now Be Careful Guys!

    On my way to work this morning I saw a dog being walked which I thought was pretty bad as it's very hot I was sweating just sitting at the bus stop. While I was on the bus I saw another dog who was fitting on the ground because some owner had decided to walk it in the heat. Felt very sorry for...