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  1. M

    bald spot on guinea pig

    hi theres a bald spot on one of my guinea pigs and I'm really worried about it. hes been drinking, eating and everything. no sign of illness or stuff like that. he just has this small bald spot that I'm worried about. but my mom doesn't view guinea pigs as a pet worthy of a vet at all. what should...
  2. Streaky

    Possibly Impacted? Help!

    Hi Everyone! I noticed a huge ball of poop half way through Streakys bum on Sunday. I managed to get it out gently with some gloves. He’s a 4 and a half year old boy. I searched on the forum about what it could be and it seems like it could be impaction. It’s happened again tonight as well I’m...
  3. WheekWheekPigge

    Crusty Stuff On Edge Of Ear?

    Hello, I am new to the forums so this is my first thread! Anyway, my guinea pig has a little bit of brown crusty stuff on his ear! I am always super paranoid about my piggies so this is really scary for me! Please help if you can!