1. P

    My guinea pig is acting really weird

    So my Guinea pig ( Bo) is a very skittish, like you walk near the cage and he goes zooming. Eveytime I get to pet him he runs away, even when I offer him food. Today though, my mom woke up to feed them but Bo was laying down and not moving, my mom got super close and even tried moving his body...
  2. liyahjane

    Help Emergency !

    Hello! Around two weeks ago i went to get a guinea pig (only got one) for the last day he hasn’t been acting like his self such as staying in his hideouts for long periods of times, laying down often, and not responding to food as he usually does for example, he’s not running to the cage door...
  3. Jesse's pigs

    Blocked bladder?

    What are the symptoms of a blocked bladder? My boy Steve is crying when weeing/pooing again and this time I see traces of blood. Now I'm taking him in tomorrow but I'm fretting about a blocked bladder. Never seen blood before and at the moment when I'm observing does not seem to be big puddle...
  4. Jesse's pigs

    Please ease my worry

    Hi guys me again I seem to only ever come back with bad news. 😱 Steve. My little Steve the new worrying furchild. Really seeking some good words and hopefully some "he's going to be ok, doesn't mean he's gonna die". I have my 11 year old rabbit going in for a dental tomorrow (it is necessary)...
  5. Alicepets

    Blind pig needs help

    Hello my name is Alice I have 4 boy Guiana pigs. Shane Dawson.spike.robie and the one who is going blind teddy Some back ground. They are about 1year old I got them from a breeder they are very skittish I have had them for 3 or 4 months when I got them I noticed teddy had blue tinted...