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help me out here

  1. K

    HELP! Guineapig not eating and teeth are blackish from the tips!

    Hai, My girl has been not eating properly in the past few days and I've been feeding her critical care. She's lost some weight too so I've been keeping an eye on her weight . She's not eating the hay and tries to eat the salads but gives up . The vet is so far from where I live as in the uk...
  2. Walky

    Leaving Veggies Overnight.

    Hi again, guys. Some of you will remember me, since I've made such a bad first impression of myself as an owner LoL. (I'm that guy who let the dog chase after his guinea pig for the first week) But I'm way over past that, and I've made soooo many improvements. Porca is so much better, less shy...