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help on bonding

  1. RawrOWolf

    I Need Help! - Settling And Making Friends

    I need help taming my pigs! Neither of my pigs trust me too much yet (after 5 months). i am a new slave to guinea pigs and My cavies run to their hut when i enter but if I'm in the room after a minute or two they will come out. if i take a piece of food and lure them out of the hut while...
  2. meggles1410

    I'm So Scared And Sad... Mixed Emotions

    its been a very long time since ive posted about 4-3 years ago when i got my pig Maisie and adopted Teddy. well teddy passed over the rainbow bridge last month aged 6-7 we believe due to a massive tumor. this has left me heart broken and Maisie more so as she never left his side! her depression...
  3. Jo K

    Help With Four Males (three Young And One Older)

    Hello, I have posted in here before and got given great advice but I am still struggling with these guinea pigs! Sorry to repeat myself if you remember my previous post (months ago now and can't find it) but I'll give you a quick back story. We got Mr Biggles who is a rescue guinea pig, we...
  4. Kirstin

    Three Males, Possible Bullying, Fighting, Please Help!

    I own three male guinea-pigs consisting of two brothers and a half-brother. I've had them for over a year now, and they're around 12 - 13 months old. These guys have got on pretty well without any arguing or squabbles, but suddenly, out of nowhere, the half-brother has randomly turned on one of...
  5. crnyng

    Introducing Girls Together Advice Please!

    I own 2 around 1 year old girls who I aqcuired together, they have been together since I'm sure they can remember. I also recently aquired two new girls, perhaps around 5-7 months old. The two pairs were separate for the first two months and I recently introduced them. On the floor they were...
  6. N

    We Are Doing Something Wrong But Don't Know How To Fix It.... :[

    My friend and I have never owned guinea pigs before,r but we have owned many other kinds of animals, such as gerbils, dogs, rabbits and snakes. We just got our 6 month old male Abby on Friday 1/15, ( we learned he and his brother had been purchased two days before then returned alone the day...
  7. Spacedcakes

    Got A New Piggie (4 Months) Need Help

    I put him in the cage with my 10 month old & the 4 month old won't stop mounting my older one. The cage is 3 x 4. It is clear to me that they have completely different personalities. My older one is very shy and the younger one very feisty. It is only his first day and he is already chewing on...