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help with boars

  1. rileywhispers

    Time To Permanently Separate My Boars?

    Hello! I made this account because I would really appreciate help with my current piggie situation. I'm a new owner, and I have three boys, named Zuko, Porthos, and Deku. They're all in their hormonal stage (4/5 months), and right now Zuko and Porthos are fighting for dominance. Well, more...
  2. Jesse's pigs

    Is This Squabbling Or A Sign The Bond Isn't Going To Work Out?

    Hi guys I just got back from a holiday (Greece) and the pigs came back to me Saturday - no problems both been fine. Anyway today (since I've got home) They seem to be squabbling. Nothing has been changed- same layout, hay etc and both been having floortime. But Mo is humping Steve again who in...
  3. K

    Dominance Issues..

    I have read a lot of information on here last night.. but I just wanted a bit more advice, I have 2 boars.. about 4/5 months old now so I know they are going through their hormonal changes.. up until recently they have been fine together. In the last few days/week my big boy Conker has been...