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  1. S

    Rosemary - What's the right amount?

    Hi all cavie lovers! I have some beautiful organic rosemary in my garden and want to share with my GPs. I think they might love it. Everything I can find online about amounts says "start with 1-2 leaves." OK, this may be daft, but what the heck is a rosemary leaf? My mental description of...
  2. B

    Daily veggies

    So I feed my pigs morning and night, they don't have more than they are supposed to though. They always have some sort of leafy greens, like sweetheart cabbage, rocket lettuce, kale, parsley and occasionally blueberries, carrot, bell pepper, cucumber and broccoli. They always have access to...
  3. P

    Different Types Of Herbs

    Now I understand that Guinea Pigs like thyme, basil, oregano & mint. But my question is.....does it matter Which species of oregano etc? I have 4 different - basil, oregano & mint 3 different - thyme And I know there's different kinds of camomile.... Etc etc etc Anyone? Thank You in Advance!
  4. Medina

    Veggie Troubles! Need Help To Replace Some Things...

    Hello! I'm still new here so please be patient and pardon any ignorance hahaha So I adopted this super cute piggie from a rough situation. His whole life, he's eaten only one handful of timothy hay and half a carrot daily - that's it! I'm not sure how old he is, so I don't know how long he's...
  5. Guineapigfeet

    Burgess Country Garden Herbs

    Bought some bags of this (I under estimated how big the bags would be!) for the girls and they *love* it. I even got a popcorn and short zoom-dash out of Chewie! Rey was popping so much she couldn't really eat it and BB was zooming around like a thing possessed. Felt a bit bad as their C&C...