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herd of pigs

  1. Popcorning Pigs

    I would like to make a herd of guinea pigs! How many, and what kind should I get?

    I already have two girls who get along pretty well. One of them is pretty calm and likes to chill out in her hiding houses, while the other likes to run around the cage. They play together a lot as well. I have plenty of room in my cage and I am willing to expand because I would like to get more...
  2. 5littlecavies

    Rebonding Male With Females - Please Help.

    Hi everyone, I didn't see a thread exactly like my situation so thought I would post one. I have a neutered male and he was living with my 3 older females which he bonded well with and they lived together for a week. Suddenly they began to fight, my male didn't fight back but 2 of my girls were...