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holidaying with guinea pigs

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    Guinea Passports!

    Hi. We are hoping to take our guinea girls to France for a couple of weeks in our motorhome in the summer. Is it true that they do not need a passport? Has anyone taken theirs abroad?x
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    2 Week Holiday Without The Guineas!

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could advise? I am going on holiday over easter for 2 weeks abroad. I have a friend who will come in each day and feed my 2 quinea girls and check water etc. She will also happily sweep their pen each day, they live in a large round pen rather than a cage. They have...
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    To Take In Camper Van Or Not!

    Hi, I have two guinea girls aged 8 months, they are indoor guineas and live in a large pen in our playroom. My question is we often go away for weekends in our camper van, we usually leave the girls at home and get a friend in to feed them once a day. I like the idea of taking them away with us...