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  1. Megham

    c and c grid resource recommendations

    Hi Everyone! Just looking for some recommendations from any of you who have made your own c and c grid cages. I have been looking at Kavee as I love the fact they have different coloured chloroplast and the white grids, however I think it would be a little messy due to the low sides so I am...
  2. Guptheguineapig

    Homemade Hay "Critical Care"

    Can I soak Timothy Hay in water and then blend that mix up in a blender with a little apple sauce or pellets for my guinea pig? The Critical Care is causing her poops to soften. The last thing we need is diarrhea.
  3. bex's gpigs

    Eye operation: homemade cone

    Hi there I went to see an AMAZING vet today who is operating on Clover as she has damaged her eye and it has now become infected which was caused the back of the eye to leak in to the front. She’s having her operation Monday and the vet advised to have an cone as she will likely scratch and...
  4. N

    Fleece and how much to buy!

    Hi guys! I have three piggies that have so much energy. I’ve been wanting to build them a larger enclosure since adopting our latest Guinea pig, Sati. I’ve heard a lot about fleece and the u haul pads and that’s what I’ve decided on. So far, we’re building them a 4.5 ft x 4.5 ft enclosure out of...
  5. ClaireP

    Homemade Cage Help/advice Please

    hi all I have my piggies in an outdoor hutch currently but hubbie has agreed they can move inside for the winter. Hurrah! I am going to make a wooden frame and then line it with wire mesh. My question is galvanised or pvc coated? I assume 13mm gap rather than 25mm is best? I do not want to...
  6. coco&chanel

    Brown Paper Packaging?

    Hi, So I've had a few deliveries lately and have loads of card board boxes and brown paper stuff. I was wondering if this was piggy safe? If so, any any ideas of what I can make out of it?
  7. Piggiemum7

    Easy Homemade Treat Toy!

    I cut some holes in a toilet roll tube (bens favourite thing to gnaw on) and filled it with all his favourite veggies, leave some poking out the holes and then stuff the spaces with grass! He's been throwing it around and rumble strutting for ages!
  8. pigmumsar

    Mickey Mouse Treats!

    You can tell it's the last day of the hols as my children were looking for an activity to do this afternoon. My son suggested we make the piggies some treats so we baked some little cookies. The Mickey Mouse shapes were our favourite. Bramble and Smartie started tucking in as soon as we put...