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  1. minnie_ozzy

    How to care for large bald patches (cause established)

    Hi there! One of my piggies, Minnie, has been plagued by some health problem nearly her whole life :(( For the past 6 months or so, she's had slowly growing bald patches over her body. I've just moved them to my new residence, where the vets actually seem to know what they're doing with guinea...
  2. Y

    3 boars - 10 months of fall outs HELP!

    This is a long story so I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible... I have 3 boars, one who is ~3 1/2 years old (Garf) and two others who are 1 3/4 years old (Ozzy and Ted). Originally Garf lived with another guinea pig who sadly died, so I got Ozzy and Ted to keep him company (this was about 1...
  3. S

    A question on sow seasons.

    Just a quick one really, I have been reading through the guidance for seasons, dominance and ovarian cysts but I just wanted some confirmation really that I’m thinking along the right lines. This is my first experience with hormonal girls, as my first piggy was an older lady when we adopted...
  4. WillowCL

    Regular Hormonal Injections? Ovarian cysts

    Hello, One of my guinea pigs, Lucy, has small ovarian cysts (the kind that stays small, but can be aggressive). She's almost 6 and our vet is reluctant to perform a surgery (she's a guinea pig specialist that we found on this forum). We gave her a course of Chorulon (1500iu) injections...
  5. E

    Rumblestrutting sow - next steps

    Hello, My new lady Hazel (adopted on 12 January so with me for just over a month) rumblestruts A LOT. She’s also the one no one else is getting on with hence my failed bonding session as she’s very aggressive towards other pigs, apart from the one she was already bonded with (so Hazel and...
  6. Celine298

    Hair loss in sows - insight?

    Hi all! I was browsing through the forum there and I'm seeing a lot of posts come up about sow's losing hair on their backs periodically. My Lola loses the hair on her back (just above her hips) randomly from time to time. She has been treated for mange mites, twice, and aside from the bald...
  7. MKC

    Possible Bullying From New Boar On Bonded Boar Pair

    HI All! I have a question about a probable bullying situation and if its gone far enough. I have read lots of articles on here but am just looking for some added advice. We have two male boars that we got from a rescue about two weeks ago, they were estimated to be a couple months old. They get...
  8. T

    Stroppy Girls

    Hi. I have two girls who have been together since babies. They've been doing the rumble strutting for over a year and I thought it would calm down but it really hasn't. They get very jealous of each other. I have to stroke them at the same time so they don't get upset. they have a big 2 storey...